Goldfish and Pipeline (Dakota Access Pipeline protests) #NoDAPL (2017, 03:02, video)

I made this film by layering footages of the Standing Rock Dakota Access Pipeline Opposition and of other ecosystems thriving in water; this is a film meditating on the precious value of water and the political wars that have been fought over it. Dedicated to Mia Ritter-Whittle and Malcolm Al Zaabi and their political acts. I have been keeping myself updated on what activists from different backgrounds have been working on at Standing Rock Indian Reservation. I have chosen to abstain from the protests due to fear of facing police brutality. However, I still felt an urgent need to meditate on and respond to the events of Standing Rock. 

Videography by BBC News, Lan Anh Lê and Mary Kalcic, edited by Lan Anh Lê (Fair Use Video of BBC News' footages - for educational and artistic purposes)

Goldfish Dreams (2016, 0:50 mins, video)

documentation of a performance (featuring a long strip of canvas on which I have painted as a prop):

I made this movie by editing the footages that I recorded of a performance piece that I have directed, working with non-actors who play fictional characters inside a pop-up installation space that I have set up in my studio. The installation as a dream-like, fantastical setting tells a story, through abstract paintings on fabric and canvas used as costumes worn by the characters... The texts printed or painted on top of the costume breathe a story into the installation space, which the characters interact with to add figurative characterization. The performance is directed according to experimental screenplays that I’ve written.

Lucid Dreamers|Architects’ Daughters|Gemini Adventures (“My City is being Colonized”) (2017, 02:57 mins, video)

For accompanying reflection poem entitled "My City is being Colonized," please click here

Nature's Spirits, Faerie Whispers (Japanese Spiritualism and Sacred Sights) (2017, 07:15, video) 

A montage of fleeting images collected by the artist during her time at Kashima residency in Oita, Japan. 

Cactus Desert Thirst (2018, 00:23, video)

footages from my solo exhibition "Cactus Desert Thirst" (Chaosdowntown, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam) 

Masking/Unmasking (2018, 04:40, video)

performance on the last day of my solo exhibition #CactusDesertThirst (mask on/mask off...rinse and repeat)
Materials: baby powder, lipstick and water...
References: butoh, Japanese water cleansing rituals, reversing/ challenging feminine beauty standards, make-up, childhood's comforts, shifting identities, caking the body...
Music: gap in the clouds by yellow days
Location: @chaosdowntown